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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Gosple According to Lor

And so it came to pass, that latter that same day, there came wandering up the road a fellow, who was feeling a bit down and sad about this and that... and he saw a great crowd around the cross.

"Och, my, what's this? The poor wee maun!" says lor, looking up at the fellow on the cross.

"It's alright my son, I am the Pascal Lamb, who is suffering for thy redemption!"

"Oh! Go'way that you!, come down from there this instant! Let's not have all this... COME ON! Right now, that's it, down you get... Let's get you to a doctor and then to a pub, I can do my own atonement, thank you very much. Sweet of you, but REALLY!"

So off they went to a small sheebeen down the road where they ordered up a cider for one, and a wine for the other... "Ah look, Yesh', I understand what you want to do, boyoh, but, don't ya see the trouble in it?"

"Ah, yes, the whole cult of personality thing, the owl' Maotsetung sort of a thing, ya mean... didn't think of tha' "

"Right!..., spot on, Sherlock. It isn't the heart in the doing it, lad, its the head they'll make of it when they say its ok to knock some poor chap on the noggin for one thing or another and saying its because ya' said so and so. Who ever wants perfection? Jeeze ( excuse me... ) F's-sake, Yeshua, it all comes down to we have to atone all by our selves, look our sins in the eye, and do right by God and everything else we sin against."

So, lor and Yeshua knocked back a few more and Yeshua said, "I see what yer gettin' at, but, well, who WILL they look at for THE truth?"

"You've got her thinkin' cap on, I see. And that's the rub. Look over there, they are already pointing to yer empty grave as proof you rose from the dead!"

"Maybe I better wander over there and set them straight!"

"God no! If you try that, that will only prove their take on things, especially with a few glasses of wine in ya, best we have another round and knock around a few more ideas..."

"I did tell them to look inside, to bring out all that they keep within, that those things they hide inside will kill them... "

"Oh, my yes, dear boy, dear fellow, I'm not saying yer not wicked clever and right... you know you are! Ah but it is the bright ones what lead them astray... look at our cousin Karl Marx... there's a thinker, eh? And what a bollix of it HE made! And Gandhi! Oh, oh, oye! I don't have any answers, I really don't. I used to think it was all about playing music, that was life, a real treat! But, even that can go sour on ya, or boats, or ... now I don't know, I just don't know. But, I'm rather happy in knowing that I don't know... leaves me open for the next thing I wont know."

"Another red wine, my son", Yeshua said to the barman. "Well, I must say, this does beat all to hell getting hung up on a cross!"

"Well, that's a start then."

And lo, they closed the place, broke a few glasses and had a good laugh.

PS I'd show ya the golden tablets that I found all this on, they were all wraped up in me ruxter ready to bring to show and tell, but the dog ate them while I was gettin' ready for school. My bad.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Dave Carl said...

and sure I was believin' it all, up until the dog eatin' the golden tablets. buryin', maybe, but I've not seen the dog could do such as that!


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