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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pax Amaricana

You will know them by there works. Friends may or may not forgive me for the generalization, that there is something remarkable in the American mind... as expressed by violently hateful liberals and violently hateful conservatives who waver in and out of the blue state red state divide as the price of oil rises and falls, but stay close to a fifty, fifty divide on their solid denial, one of the other.

We are the nation of school yard bullies, for whom it is far more important to gather a clique about themselves than to enter into the process of understanding with those who are other. So, even the most stridently liberal, are still strident enough to hate the intellectual who calls them to think. This is the most aggressively opposed action, to be asked to look into a mirror with another. Even many members of the Society of Friends, rant at those who ask, simply ask, that we look into our souls. These Friends accuse them of laying down laws, while they themselves seek to be unopposed in their individualism to the point that even their prejudices are sacrosanct.

So, in this environment, pseudo liberals call for tolerance, while refusing to engage lovingly in conversations. The result is the new liberal talk radio which seeks, often successfully to match its right wing counterpart for the vileness of its "rhetoric" - little more than school yard insults hurled viciously at the other side, and in this unloving defense of tolerance, they make an in-crowd culture, which might not hang people on barbed wire fences, as do the worst of their enemies, but they create the polarization which excludes those not in their club. So, the lists are different, but the culture is pure Americana and must result in the exclusion of the same people always excluded as the two come together to compile their separate lists, each adding to the list to be excluded until, what do we find? The list includes, Jews, "Gypsies", Intellectuals, Elderly, Infirm, Poor... and oh, that we don't recognize this list.


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