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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Quakers and Holidays

Today, a few decades ago today, a fellow named Hoffman ingested LSD and a generation dropped out, tuned in and fell down, one hundred years ago,this week San Francisco fell down when the earth gave a shake like a wet dog, and two thousand years ago, Yeshua's spirit could not be contained in a grave, wether thee believes his body rose, or like Dr. King, and Gandhi, there are some souls that can't be silenced by murder.

We Friends are not big on holidays. Yet I sometimes long for those faiths that can say, on this day we remember, remember to... forgive, to atone, to clean, we do what we need to do to acknowledge how easy it is to just not do it.

It should be, that we Friends are called to live these holidays every day... I invite us to be that, on this day, that the grave could not hold him.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Don said...

You Friends bless us with your presence and witness to the Christ among us always. You are a continuing active witness for peace from the Prince of Peace. Being peace is more than celebrating it. Easter is a great holiday, but there is more to the Easter message than celebration of an ideal. It is the living of the ideal everyday. Peace.


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