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Monday, February 12, 2007

There it is...

My own epilogue, at the completion of presenting "Quakerism, A View From the Back Benches."
A remarkable piece of writing and example of searching. I feel the act of retyping it, as a call to us to take up the challenge in the View From the Back Benches, was a journey with beloved elders. Now, what do we do? I take seriously the call to define ourselves as a community of faith, not by theology, but by practice. To call myself a Friend, I feel called on to love.

To love is really the whole ball of yarn. How can we be "Children of Light," or call ourselves "peace makers," if we do not actively, energetically, earnestly spread love in the Society of Friends? Spreading love, is not to accept all each other do as all right, but rather, to love as both a parent and child each member of the Society of Friends, as practice for loving each person in the world. Frankly, I believe that this is the single defining convergence in our Society, and in the family of God.

Ever dearly, dear fFriends
In frith and Friendship



At 4:23 PM, Blogger SW STOUT said...

I find this thrilling.A return to a thumping Quaker heart,whihc is how we began, isn't it?


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