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Friday, November 23, 2007

Bob Arihood, a modern American Master

When I studied photography, back at Prat Institute, in 1974... Phil Perkis took away our camera batteries. He wanted us to use to the camera as a tool over which we, not the battery was in control. After years trying to tell the stories of my America in law, I decided to go back to telling the stories of the world with a camera.
I had worked in Belfast in the seventies, I freelanced regularly in New York for Fairchild, the Voice, the Post and the Daily News. I was comfortable in the fact that if the meter said one thing, I knew where to find my appreciation of the neutral gray ... almost everything was black and white. Well, it was a different world when I got back to things in the 21st Century.
I've been very open with my learning disability. I have a great problem with sequencing. Modern cameras are all about sequencing. I need a hands on showing of how the machine works. there was this fellow who, like Phil who took away my camera battery, showed me what many of the wee nobbies meant on a modern digital camera where all about. His name is Bob Arihood, and most people, if asked who the photographer in the "east village" is, would say Big Bob ... that guy with a camera.
In my neighborhood is found an ever present eye, man with a camera. His photoblog is in my links, "neither more or less." I urge everyone to have a look. Like most artists, he is a bit gruff, and at times one would like to give him a good shake, but one would have to find a HUGE fellow to do that. One would see less in the world, if one did not take time to go have a gander at his blog.


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