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Friday, December 24, 2004

Anonymous "Quaker" Emails

Anonymous "Quaker" Emails

Well, my New Year's resolution is not to go off an a rant ... so I have a week to go... (no rant on thee, Quaker Ranter Friend Martin!)

How can we be present to each other when one of us sends anonymous emails to folks in the meeting? Here at 15th Street, some Friend sends Friends emails with questions signed only "Whist" (Be Quiet! in Gaelic, and not a polite way to say it, it is the equivalent of saying "Shut up" used in Irish Pubs). I've asked this Friend for a name before answering questions put, and the reply was, "There are reasons I have to remain anonymous!" HOW can there be clearance when someone hides behind a mask? I must say, I am at a loss at what some people follow as leadings... spy's for God?

End of rant,
and love to thee, Whist
where ever thee is...
who ever thee is,
what ever thee is...
I hope thee finds the courage to live in the light with other Friends.


PS In Truth, I know I will not keep this resolution anyway... ranting on...


At 7:27 PM, Blogger Christine Japely said...

Lor -- Thanks for your advice of this morn -- it all worked out well, and now before midnight on Christmas Eve my brother sleeps peacefully on my living room futon and my son showers . . . and my dog gnaws on something for a dog to gnaw on . . . and peaceful Christmas songs lullaby us . . .
Oh and Whist!!!! I too got that message reminding us of Jesus . . . I always thought I knew who Whist was . . .
Love and peace and snowy drops,
Chris J


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