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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Wonderful Plain Tailors

Wonderful Plain Tailors

Weefox Tailors - 267 N. Shirk Rd. New Holland, PA 17557 phone 1 717 354 8933...

What a joyful find! I find myself thanking Ammon, at Good's Stores again, to begin this story. Ammon is the salesman on the floor for the plain section at a Good's Store in Lancaster County, near to New Holland. He is the reason I keep going back to Good's. I find that the plain section at Good's generally has clothes made in China of Polyester, but I always find something there, besides good advice, even if it is only wool socks, just as a thank'ee to Ammon!

Ammon told me about Weefox tailors and gave me excellent directions to find them. Well, he did, then, as it was ME, he also patiently gave Genie, my wife directions so that we could actually get to Weefox tailors, and not go around in circles for several hours!

Well, back to business. At Weefox Tailors a very nice group of Mennonites make Plain suits and coats at VERY reasonable prices. Upon visiting them, I felt real fellowship and warm. I can say I will wear their clothes in the comfort of that fellowship in the light. They have a mail order form they will send to thee, with measurement instructions. I saw the clothes being made on site, so thee is assured the clothes are made in good conditions.

Thank'ee Ammon and thank'ee to the lovely folks at Weefox Tailors.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

717-354-6518 updated phone number, They still custom make suits.


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