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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Faith and the Institution a delicate balance

Faith and the Institution a delicate balance

I have seen on a young Friend's blog concern among young Friends about how to stay within the society when the institution or individuals offend that still small voice within.

I think there is no greater challenge in our society. I have been speaking of fear to love, and unity, but also, there is the whole question of authority.

There is a single authority in the Society of Friends. That authority speaks to each of us, one by one, in a still small voice, and then bids us to speak together, not at each other, not against each other, but to each other and with each other, with the same seeking to understand when we don't see eye to eye as when we face any puzzle, not to assume our lack of understanding is evidence that the other is wrong, and not coming to the easy compromise.

There is not a single individual authority in our faith or it is not the faith I grew up into.

We never place authority in an individual or committee, we place trust. Trust to help bring us to unity. I pray that these young Friends raising this question will be a beacon of light to bring this society into a state of active and working love and forge a new understanding throughout the institution that practicality is only practical when it expresses God's love and unity.


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