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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Helping Martin Kelly become a Peace Activist

It is not enough to talk the talk, thee must walk the walk. I do not mean that thee must go to the dangerous places in the world where thy life is at risk, I mean go to the safe place where thy ego is at risk. It is easy to be the alpha male, it is a walk to become a man.

It is easy to sit at a computer station and pontificate about faith and pass on information about peace, but until thee steps up to the plate when thy ego is damaged, thee is not a peace activist. Thee has said things about me that are unsupported by the facts, but fit into thy long time rant that older Friends dominate Meetings. So, on the force of this prejudice thee tells me that I have no place in thy retreat, and now when I say, in light of this we should meet and get to know each other as Friends and friends thee removes me from thy world.

This is simply a cowardly act and unbecoming a man as intelligent as thee. Thee knows better. To be a Quaker is to be open to being eldered, and be open to putting the ego of thy hatreds aside and seeking peace. Now, I know there are many who will elder me for the persistence in holding thee to the light. Well, the cause of peace is not easy or a walk in the park. It takes persistent dedication, and sometimes it takes speaking truth to power.

Martin thee has created power for thyself in a little corner of the Internet, where thee can protect thy power at the cost of Quaker process. The division from thy community to create this power spreads from thy initial actions of hate.

Martin, thee would be surprised to know that I am neither angry at thee, nor do I dislike thee. But, in this lawless frontier of the Internet, I am calling thee to live thy faith and make it a place where we show the world that we Quakers are a people of peace. How silly is it for us to be demanding that Israel and Palestinians meet and make peace if we cannot take that first step of meeting as Friends.

There are other faiths that banish and judge. If thee cannot bring thyself to follow the advices, perhaps thee would be more comfortable to seek such a faith. I don't believe that one faith is better than another, but some people are just not called to our faith. It is not an easy thing to come to the process of clearness with the intention to listen. A few Friends who see this conflict say I am wrong in all this, saying I see myself as right and thee as wrong. This cannot be further from the truth. But, not one of them has relied on the advices to say that I am wrong in seeking clearness. I have tried, just between thee and me, and quietly between Friends to thee, and thee has been obstinate in thy holding to thy grudges and the blocks thee puts in a Friend's way.

Come to the well of peace, Friend, the well of life, the water is fine.


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