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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Found the smoke looking for fire

One of the heroes

Shame on any person who dares associate themselves with the heroic traditions of the Irish nation, who sets foot on Fifth Avenue this March 17th, before a member of the Fire Department of the City of New York takes their time honored and deed honored place at the head of that historic parade, starting with shame on the self important and self satisfied John Dunleavy.

Ladder 9 Bowery U Great Jones Street

On the job for all of us

This son of Meath, Dunleavy, put down his green beer long enough for these silly words to flow out of his gob... "I've been telling them [FDNY] for years that the parade should only be for firefighters from New York City, and when the New Orleans firefighters came up, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Shame on them if they didn't know the rules." No, shame on you, and your committee of eejits.

Firefighter Engine 5

Answering the call

When anyone has the unmitigated gall to place their feet in the rightful place of those real heroes, consider this, that when the fool killer swings his fiery club at the head of, even Dunleavy, it will be any fire fighter of New York who will stay his hand, even at risk, even at the cost of his or her own life. Think of that, next time you have the perfidy to smirk at a TV camera and say you are trying to get the attention of the FDNY, Dunleavy. If you wish to get the attention of a firefighter, simply set yourself on fire, they will be there for you.

The situation is....
Listening, and helping

I used to be proud to march in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Now, I don't even watch it on TV. My pride began to diminish when the amadaini who run the show, and just a show it has become, recognized the thousands who called for justice for Joseph Patrick Doherty, and named him the honorary grand Marshall of the parade, as he was confined in a New York federal prison - only to have their goon squad knock his sister to the ground and wrestle a small photo of her brother away from her, which she carried in his honor in the parade which was to honor him that year.
My pride soon withered completely away when, this once Irish nationalist event was declared a religious procession, against the history of its formation, in order to deny a place in the parade to the Irish Gay and Lesbian Organization, many of whom had done more for the cause of a free and fair Ireland than was ever dreamed of in the hearts of the Seaneen mutual self appreciation squad which has taken this parade away from Irish America and turned it into little more than a Klan march, rather than a coming together of the Clans.

Greenpoint fire
On the streets or on the water

But, now MY final straw, is that, for Firefighters, being firefighters, this arrogant committee of little men, is punishing the FDNY, by putting them thirty-five minutes back in the parade. What did they do? They had Firefighters from New Orleans join them last year at the head of the parade. Remember New Orleans? They sent us a fire engine to replace on lost on 9\11. Remember 9\11 Dunleavy? Obviously not. Father Michael Judge in heaven, pray for you to be forgiven your forgetfulness, the gay and Gay priest who served his flock, the FDNY to the last moment of his life.

Getting ready for transport
There when you need them

So, put them back, a half hour into the parade, if you have the gall. But, if you do, the parade should be a half hour late, and shame to anyone who starts it before those brave men and women. Isn't it time, over time, for Irish New York, to take this parade back from these small minded men, who embarrass us year after year?

Ladder 9 03\16\06

Engine 33… (Tune Bold Robert Emmett) Lorcan Otway

Flashing lights and no sirens, all emergencies over
The motorcade passes, with the heroes who fell
And all on the streets stop, and in silence bear witness
Such sorrow and thanks, no mere words can tell
Who ever can forget the gray ash covered engines
coming back from the alarm like no other before
Such pain for survivors, to embrace all the families
Of comrades so loved, now on that distant shore
Chief Downey, Father Mike, First Deputy Feehan
Peter Ganci and many too many to tell
Your memories we’ll honor we n'er will forget you
You brought hope to the horror when the two towers fell.
Remember Tim Stackpole, how he prayed in the wreckage
In that terrible fire that took two of his friends
So horribly injured he fought to recover
To return to his ladder and to die with his men
So now to acknowledge, just one of the many
Engine 33 ladder company 9
There’s 10 empty places around their table
10 fallen brothers who fell on the line
Remember Kevin Pfiefer, Mike Boyle and Keith Maynard
Jeff Walz, Brian Bilcher, Robert King Dave Arce
Gerarde Baptiste, Robert Evans, John Tierney,
10 lost out of 40 from one company
And though we mourn them, they’re still on the job now
Though they have fallen, they’re still standing tall
Their spirit will bolster their sisters and brothers
Their unseen presence will answer each call
So tell all your children to tell all their children
never pass a firehouse without a brief pause
And thank all the heroes who work on those engines
Each day they risk all in humanity’s cause

Engine 5 folding hoses

A small note. As a Quaker, I should not name call, should not call Dunleavy and crowd eejits, and I acknowledge this and say, in this I am wrong. But, well ... in the words of Will Smith, from Men In Black ... "Dai-am!" The photos of firefighters don't intimate that the individuals endorse calling Dunleavy et al. names.


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