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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There is a danger in responcibility without authority

For some reason, perhaps our fear of hierarchy, we as a meeting became authority adverse. Nature always fills a vacuum, so in reaction to our Meetings lack of proper application of authority, individuals have sought to put authority in positions - Trustees, Clerks - School Committees ... everything other than where Fox and the Children of Light sought authority, God's instructions to a gathered Meeting.

Some Friends say that I am over fixated on process. However, I have learned, taking care of a parent with Alzheimer's, that responsibility without authority is dangerous. Now, we as a Meeting may decide that we no longer fix our authority in God, or that God no longer speaks to a gathered Meeting, in these times, and that these times are defined by our culture, not our faith ... and give over authority. I, for one, believe in our faith, and trust in God, and so, I hope and pray we return to the application of our process.

When the school acts, under the color of our name, and is not guided by the authority of our traditional process -- we are in danger of the statements of the school's practices defining us to the world as a religious community. The question, "who are these Children of Light?" would then be answered by our schools application process, by many things, about which some Friends feel a lack of unity. Those Friends feel we need to be gently guided towards our decisions by our testimonies as Friends.


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