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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Peter Fingesten

Peter Fingesten

How to explain ... describe? Peter to those who missed him? Well, here is an invitation to Friends to post his short comments which spoke so much wisdom. To get the ball rolling, ... Peter sees me, at 11 or 12, with a book on Tarot. He motions me over and says... "My dear young Friend. Many roads lead to God.... that, I am afraid, is not one of them."
So, if you remember Peter, do put a recollection in the comments.


At 4:24 AM, Blogger fred c said...

I took a few of Peter's Art History classes at Pace in the mid-Sixties. He was a very animated teacher, and he loved the material. I am still known to exclaim, "porco dio!" on occasion, one of his favorites, I learned it from him (along with, "porca miseria!")

My couple of friends and I had no interest in business, yet we found ourselves in a business school. Most of the students in Peter's classes were business students who had no interest in art. I'm sure that we were all entertained though, and I developed quite a fondness for the material. The other Art History teacher at Pace was Sterling Callison, who was quite a card himself. I went on to get a degree in Art History at another university.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a student of Peter's in the mid 80s. He was a treasure, as we all know. The previous poster is correct that most of the students in his classes were bored Biz majors who were filling requirements. I heard him say once to a particularly dense robot: "Your intelligence is exceeded only by your beauty." He was a Master and dearly missed.


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