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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

There is a point you ask too much of God.

True story Friends...

A Romany ("Gypsy") friend told me that there was a fellow who was... well, not as... swift as many other Romany people in his community. He became a Christian Pastor. One day, a little girl was sick, and he was leading a prayer circle for her. Among those in the prayer circle was a Romany man who had lost a leg and was waiting for a new plastic leg.

"Pasture" ( the Romany pronunciation of Pastor... ) "Please ask God that the doctors will have my new fake leg for me soon..." the man asked the Pastor.

"I'll do you better than that!" He replied. "God, I have such faith... I know you can do it... I believe in you, Lord... grow our brother a new leg, not the fake one, but a real flesh and blood leg."

Friends... there are times you have to reach beyond that still small voice in your heart, in the heart of others, and put some trust in God's wisdom in professionals. That is also trusting in God. This is not in exchange for God. When, for example, an actor, recently said his faith was enough... that people who trusted in doctors did not have enough faith, well, God can also give us the strength to ask for help, the wisdom to the doctors, and the love of friends to support you in so doing.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger ash said...

Absolutely. Far rather to pray the poor old lady, who is ill, dies painlessly and at peace when it is her time, than to pray for a hundred more years on her life that will never come to pass. There are some things that will not happen. We should pray to God and we should also trust in those who know what they are talking about. I trust builders to build my house, I trust plumbers to fix the plumbing, yet I should not trust my doctor to heal me?

Maybe in the past this would be prudent, but rarely now.

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Sarah said...

Heh, funny, I was just thinking about this earlier today.

A dear friend is struggling through a number of things, among them the worry that he lacks faith because he still doesn't rely on God for all things. Earlier today it came to me what it was that I'd been trying to tell him:

God works _through_ others. And the Body of Christ is composed of people. If trusting others isn't trusting God . . . I don't know how else to express it. Hmmm. I liked this story.



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