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Thursday, September 22, 2005

God and Harvey the Pooka

I was on the verge of a post, about truth God and being alone, about the danger of creating a God to keep you company when you seem to live far from the hope of a life lived among people who care about you, and then a single word from a friend cheered my heart greatly. But, I suppose that proves to a degree... we need not only to love, but to be loved. To create a God to love us when we live at the bottom of a well is to be sitting next to Harvey the invisible rabbit in the bar. I'd not do that to God. I once, rather foolishly said, we are to discipline ourselves to joy. I think rather, sometimes we need to simply get by and wait and hope for joy. A friend the other day, said she worried about playing music with me because I never write any happy music. Well, yes, that is a concern. But, I can't be dishonest and write well. There has not been much happiness in my life, and I can only write about what I know. If God has only shown one face to me, it is not for me to invent the rest.


At 6:12 AM, Blogger david said...

Ah -- a Harvey fan. I used to post the quotation of edwin Dowd's (about being pleasant instead of intelligent) on my blog.

Though certianly part of the point of the film was that the Pooka everyone thought was delusions was real. And it was real in part because it made poor Edwin P. Dowd a nicer genetler soul thanks to the fellowship.

Harvey is a witness to the importance of whimsy in a world gone over to the hardness of things.


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