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Monday, September 05, 2005

The State of the Nation

Rome Burns while Nero reads Children's Books

So much for the Bully Pulpit. This same president who sat doing nothing during the first critical minutes of the attack on the World Trade Center, did nothing during the critical days of the floods in the south. I passed hundreds of gallons of water in neighborhood stores, buses that could have been used, as it was between school terms, to bring food and water down and people out of New Orleans. He could have created an immediate tax voucher system for companies to provide what the government did not do at once, he did nothing.

Now this morning he is offering the nation a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who does not protect a teenage girl's right to sue after being raped in school, who does not believe that environmental organization or civil rights groups have a right to use the courts for protection of rights. In short, he is putting on the highest court a man with little judicial experience who is himself, anti-court. For Roberts the courts exist to protect that old White dominance over all - likely at the expense of the future of humanity when it comes to issues of the environment.

God help the nation, God help humanity. These things matter.


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