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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

George and the Queen

This, I am told, is a true story, told to me, in the basement of the Strand Bookstore by a fellow who told me he was a high level functionary in the White House, he asked to only be referred to as Linda Lovelace... ? Don't ask me...

Well, it seems George Bush went to meet Elizabeth Hanover, now called Windsor, at her flat in Buckingham Palace. He said,
"Tell me, Liz... HOW DO you find all these intellectualizers to work for you."
"Whell, my dear,", she said with a contented, I am the Queen sort of a look..., "I have a little riddle I ask, and if thy know the answer, they are clever enough to work for me. Here, I will show you..."
She rang a little silver bell, and Tony Blair came bounding into the room, tossing a surprised and happy glance at George, hoping that George had brought him a treat, which he had, but he had given it to Elizabeth's corgis instead...
"Tell me, Tony, Your parents have a child, and that child is neither your brother or your sister. Who is that child?"
"Oh, Majesty, that is quite simple, why it is ME!"
"Bravo Tony, now run along, there's a good lad." And off he skipped, pleased as punch.
"Got some business at home, Liz, gotta run, you know what it is to be the decideror..." And off dashed George to airforce one, and dashed home.
He called in Rumsfeld, and the rest of his cabinet, and said, "Boys, I got a serious question for you. Your parents have a child, who is not your brother or sister, who is that child?"
Donald said, "Well, Mr. President, you know we don't want to leave any child behind, so we have to go into executive session and find you the right answer, though we all could tell you right away, but we just want to make sure..."
They scampered off to his office, went on line, right off to Wikipedia, google, pulled their hair, cried, punched the walls, then one said, "Hey! Let's call Colin Powell! He's a smartie, he'll know..."
So they called Colin and without a moments hesitation, he replied, "That's easy! Its me!"
They raced into the oval office, with two minutes to spare, and panting, Rumsfeld said, "Mr. President, the answer is Colin Powell."
"Damn! The generals are right!" George fumed... "Idiot! The answer is Tony Blair!!!"


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dashed funny, Lor, will translate it into King James English and use it in my 'thought for the day' that I send out to my punters. Love to the very lovely Genie.



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