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Thursday, April 28, 2005

god as the gin of the heartless

Well, here it is... the abstraction of god I see the most. When someone falls out of societies care and love, that person is told again and again by the self righteous to look to god for love. Sure, pass the buck... smile on the bread line so that those who wont share bread can smile as they sit down in the warmth of their family...

be joyful in your pain so you wont be a pain to me... who rejected you, turned from you, shunned and lied to you... made false promises... used your faith to burrow into you... because it was not I who brought you this pain, it was your lack of faith, I should be able to tear at your soul and it is for your own good, so that you will turn to god... I should be able to push my agenda in his name, god is the best argument in the arsenal of I...

the gin served by the heartless to the hurt.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Larry said...

What's happened to you, Lor? A month ago you wrote "Joy and the triumph over life and death ". Now you write (sarcastically) "be joyful in your pain so you wont be a pain to me."

Something has happened. You've lost all your joy. Good old Bill didn't promise you that; it was James (1:2).

You've chosen to live a marginal life. That's okay. Express your pain however you want to. God has something better in mind for you. The Hound of Heaven is after you--- and will catch you in the end. And he will use your remarkable eloquence for more useful purposes.


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