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Friday, July 22, 2005

How Bloody Stupid is the US press?

Every "expert" on terrorism on the mainstream news is asked, "why do these people do this to us"? Each speaks about the need to bolster their people's hope to cast us into fear... none of them say, they do this because we killed over one hundred thousand of them.

They all say we are learning so much from the English on how to deal with terror. I saw how they dealt with terror. They used the "shoot to kill" policy of murdering suspects, often the wrong person, killing wounded combatants, something the IRA and INLA never did... using terror to create terror in Ireland and at the end of the day it only prolonged a war that they wanted in order to keep NATO bases on the territory of a non aligned nation. It never stopped a single bombing campaign from the sixties to the present cease fire.

It is time we need to wake up before we turn our nation into Belfast in the seventies, Palestine today... we can't allow these people to use fear to give away rights we will never have again.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger ash said...

here here! The American corporate press has it's own agenda, and it is not good. Unfortunately, Murdoch owns most of our papers in England too, so they're all full of hate-filled lies and "libel" too.

You're right. there's a line in the new Star Wars movie which is apt... "So this is how liberty dies? to thunderour applause?"

so it seems!


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