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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Truth and Honesty

Honesty is the only truth we can know as individuals. It is the truth from our perspective. Some, I know, have held that as only God knows THE truth, all truth is relative, therefore there is no need to always speak the truth, the whole truth. I am rather sure that is not the case. Honesty is the truth you know, and the courage to stand by it, this makes the relative nature of this truth less meaningful. When truths are broadcast without honesty, well, look to Mr. Bush, for example, they are nothing but the basest lies. I often wonder about Mr. Bush. Does he believe any of this, does he think the "little folks" can't handle or understand the big truths he honestly believes and hides... so there we are. What is truth without honesty and the courage to live by and state openly all that you know to be true, and only say that which you believe honestly. Keeping half the honest truth hidden is not to be truthful at all.


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