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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Truth, Honesty, Monsters and God

Saw Herzog's loch Ness last night... just the ticket. It is a film about searching for truth, but not honesty or honestly. Herzog says he wants to look at those who experienced not factual truth but rather ecstatic truth, the truth of one who has been kidnapped by aliens, for example. However, he does not do so honestly, he turns snickering from one witness he believes to be honest in his ecstatic belief... but is fooled because in his team there is a partner with even greater dishonesty, one who is manufacturing even the evidence of witnesses to ecstatic truth... then fact, not ecstatic fact peruses them, the Loch Ness beast, or God peruses them and ecstatic truth and factual truth combine and it is not a wonderful thing, truth is a destructive monster because the seekers did not seek honestly. To use an old Scottish word... Wow

I dreamed a small parable on Loch Ness...

I was walking on the banks of the Loch, and saw something seeming to travel what I took to be upstream, but I thought it may just be the wind on the ripples making it seem so... So, I called out to it to turn and go the other way, so I would know, and it did. So I called out again to turn the other way to tell me it was safe to enter the water and find out the true nature and it did. I entered the water and found a tree trunk that ensnared me in it's branches and drowned me, and all I knew as I drowned was that it was a tree and I learned nothing about the mystery of it's movement, was it human trickery, some natural occurrence, or God's plan for me... all I found was mystery and ending.


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