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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

False hearts and true

Larry the Kwakersaur and I have sent back and forth a few emails on marriage, and love, and love of our wives... and frankly, the only thread between me and the final dispair is the true heartedness of my Genie. Our life together is not perfect, we see almost nothing of one another... but there is a reciprocation of trust and love. When either of us is needy and needful the other trys... the other bends, and feels the pain of the other...

This is rare. So many are takers in this life... as Dylan sang

You've got a lot of nerve, to say you are my friend
when I was down, you just stood there grinning...

So many take when they are in need, and then foster a burning resentment of any who helped them, and to prove they are not in any way in debt, no matter how that person tells them there is no debt, they seek to punish the helper for their care. They are not content to simply turn away, they must harm the helper with all their might and anger. My father used to say the cripple hates nothing more than his crutch.

And for those who try so hard to help in life, the stones flung back by those you care for are many, and Genie has stood by me through out. Some of us are very easy to hurt.

That's love with all its perfection in two imperfect people


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