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Thursday, September 29, 2005

When Sociopaths Ruled the World

Here we are, in a nation out of control, and why? Let's look at it reasonably. Sexual sociopathic killers often target those they feel would not be missed, prostitutes, runaways...
Who are the leaders of this nation targeting... Most Americans lump all middle eastern people together, a mass of dangerous "Arabs". So in order to control raw materials in Asia and the third world, we kill hundreds of thousands of them - to the Ashcrofts and Midwestern American voters, they are expendable. Unlike the American prostitute, most Americans will never hear the voice of the bereaved parents... they never "looked like us" in the childhood photos of the murdered adult splashed on the news...

Filberto was such a man to the FBI and our political leaders... one of "societies offenders who might well be underground and they'd none of them be missed, they'd none of them be missed.". So the administration declares war on "terror" in order to control the flow of oil, away from China, not even directing it over here. Cut off the tools of growth to the competitor of the empowered three percent that Mr. Bush calls his base. Well, this "war on terror" costs the US a major and beloved southern city and a large number of small towns, thousands of lives... without a major "victory" to distract the people. So, lets see, we tried Filberto, he got acquitted, we jailed him and the courts said, you must try and convict him first, so he is let out on bail and he gets away, they don't look hard for him, they did not "need" him. Who wants another acquittal that calls the US history in Puerto Rico into question. But now, now he has a role. Shoot him dead and say it is a victory in the war on terror. But, the little guy gets the last word again. He chooses not to die right away. He slowly bleeds to death thereby exposing the governments plan to use him. He does not die in the FBI blaze of glory... he does not die the Dilleringer, " FBI always gets their man ", death... no... they need to fish for excuses why as they allowed him to slowly and painfully bleed to death on the ground.
It is time we took back this nation from the sociopath bastards to whom we have given our future. We must do this, not only in memory of Filberto, but, because as they spend 900 billion on killing, they are not spending what needs to be spent for survival of our species and the end of those things that occasion war. War does not just happen like a hurricane. It is the price of allowing sociopaths to rule our lives. Blair, Bush, Hussein, Putin the stinking lot of them... give them a nice plush hospital to work out their problems, but for god's sake, take away their guns before more people get hurt.


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