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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Proposal and the cost of your electricity in New England... (NYC as well...)

sun rise
Dawn on the Moise River... 4 am last Seventh Day...

More on this soon...

Here is the Moise River. It is the life line of the Mistashipu Innu of Northern Quebec and Labrador. They are hunter gatherers and fisherfolk. Hydro Quebec is damming rivers through out their hunting lands, as well as the land of the Cree... the impact on their environment and the world's environment is extraordinary. On a perfectly selfish note, they are the canary at the bottom of the mine, as we destroy their land, the next impact is on the rest of the planet. The first effect is to destroy their fishing and hunting, the secondary effect is greenhouse gases that endanger human existence.
After the last Band Council election, the pro dam leader was returned to power, and five Innu committed suicide... they have the highest teen suicide rate of any human population as they see their future destroyed...
SO, in solidarity, why don't we all pledge, as a symbolic token, a start, one hour a month, to turn off as much electric as we can, say an evening, after dinner is cooked, turn off the TV, the Lights, turn off the air conditioning, unplug the ice box (it will keep for an hour...) and light a candle or two, and think of the price of the power. Your suggestions as to when, should we do it at the same time? are appreciated.


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