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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nilist Denial US 2005 - Germany 1945

When I was young, I watched the black and white newsreels of the people who lived near concentration camps being made by armed US soldiers to stack and burry the bodies of the innocent dead killed in their name.

Of late I have heard again and again, US citizens telling me that they did not believe what we are doing in places like Fallujah is evil, is wrong, that it matters not at all that innocent people are being killed. It is time they got their hands as dirty as their souls.

White Phosphorus is being used by the United States forces in Iraq. I have seen the bodies on an Italian TV report. The skin melts, leaving the clothes intact. These reports are not being shown in the United States. What happened in Fallujah, by the use of these weapons, was mass murder.

Alice Mahon stepped down from her seat in parliament after on 13 June 2005, A parliamentary report from the Minister of Defense, admitted that the US used MK77 an incendiary bomb similar to Napalm in Iraq. She would not be part of a government taking part in war crimes. MK77 melts bodies. The US claimed a right to preemptive war against weapons of mass destruction and now unleashes these weapons on the innocent people of a nation that never attacked us.

I have watched film of US soldiers telling each other that a combatant was down and wounded and killing him in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Now some in our nation, many in our nation may say they don't want to know, call those who do know liars. But it is my greatest prayer that these equivalents of the holocaust deniers be invited to stack the bodies as the townspeople of Auschwitz were made to do. There is great damage to the soul done by the denial of evil.


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