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Monday, October 03, 2005

A red dress...


Found these figures in Lancaster. Note the girl's top is painted over a Quaker triangular apron, and the white bow is actually the bonnet ties... The fellow also has the no collar three button Quaker shirt.

Well, here is a story about a red Quaker dress. Arch Street meeting, around 1890. A very proper old Quaker dowager in the finest black, plain silk - crisp linen bonnet. In walks a farm couple and sits right in front of her, and the wee girl is wearing a bright fire engine red linsey - woolsy dress. All through meeting the dowager is staring daggers at the back of her head trying to come up with a cutting remark for this "hussy" at the rise of meeting.
Meeting breaks and the farm girl in red, turns to shake the hand of the dowager. She looks horrified and says to the older woman! "Friend! Has thee given consideration to the expense of thy raiment????!!!!" Ah the best laid plans of mice and dowagers...

Quakes 3


At 12:58 PM, Blogger ash said...

you know, I've spent a good many times searching for a collarless shirt. I noticed the look first on a documentary about a former prime minister of India. had a jacket to match.

I like it, because I think collars are a tad pointless... I dislike formalities like ties for the most part, and I like to be able to move my head.

Anyway, first my journey takes me to India.. Kurta is the shirt, Johdpuri Pyjama is the jacket. But try getting one in England for a good price...!

so I sit on it for a while.

And I'm looking about on the internet and think "did I ever try looking for "collarless" ?

So long story short I come across a selection like the one that good fellow is wearing with the name "grandad shirt". So I do a search on the term, and lo! there's millions of them around, ethically traded, organic and all the rest. It's gotta be cotton or something similar in my book... I don't get on with anything plastic on me.

so I find one in a size fit for one of my bulk, and I got it on bookmark... now I'm just awaiting payday.!

And here I am reading it's Quaker dress all along! (black, too, this one I like). Lor, I'll ask you first next time I'm looking for a shirt!


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